Plumbing SEO Case Study | Traffic Boost With SEO Campaign

Graphic representation highlighting the outcomes of a Plumbing SEO Case Study.

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At Bradenton SEO Company, we recently had the opportunity to work with a plumbing company, Shamrock Plumbing, based in Orlando, FL. Through our tailored SEO strategies, we were able to help them achieve remarkable results in boosting their website traffic and online visibility.

But how exactly did we accomplish this? What tactics did we employ to drive targeted traffic to their site? In this discussion, we will uncover the secrets behind Shamrock Plumbing’s success and explore the power of an effective SEO campaign in the plumbing industry.

Stay tuned to discover the strategies that can make a significant impact on your business’s growth.

The challenge: Growing organic visibility

Growing organic visibility can be a daunting challenge for businesses, especially after a website redesign that results in a decline in keyword rankings and organic traffic. Website redesigns can lead to significant losses in keyword rankings and organic traffic, forcing businesses to rebuild their organic presence from scratch.

In our case study, our client experienced a steep decline in keyword rankings and organic traffic after redesigning their website. To prevent further loss in search visibility and regain lost keywords, they sought our help. Additionally, they wanted to rank for non-branded keywords to reach new audiences and expand their market share.

Technical SEO issues, such as poor navigation and duplicate URLs, were also hindering their ability to rank. Resolving these issues is crucial to improving organic rankings and preventing keyword cannibalization.

Through targeted strategies and effective techniques, businesses can overcome the challenges of organic visibility and increase their online presence.


To address the decline in keyword rankings and organic traffic after a website redesign, Bradenton SEO Company implemented a comprehensive solution.

This solution focused on resolving technical SEO issues and creating optimized content.

Our team conducted a thorough site audit to identify and resolve high-priority technical issues at both the page and domain level.

Additionally, we created over 34 pieces of supplemental content optimized for relevant keywords in the plumbing industry.

This allowed our client to have more opportunities to rank in organic search results and attract new customers.

As part of our managed SEO plan, we also utilized off-page strategies such as high-quality link building.

Through manual outreach, we secured 14 backlinks with contextually relevant anchor text on reputable websites.

This helped increase our client’s off-page authority and overall ranking potential.


After implementing a comprehensive solution to address technical SEO issues and optimize content, Bradenton SEO Company achieved significant results for Shamrock Plumbing Orlando, FL.

The impact of backlink building on organic clicks was evident as our client saw significant increases in organic clicks from targeted product-related keywords.

On-page optimizations played a crucial role in increasing organic visibility, with individual product pages receiving meta-tag optimization and experiencing increased impressions and traffic.

The resolution of technical problems had a positive effect on search engine indexing, as search engine crawlers had an easier time finding and indexing relevant pages.

When comparing organic clicks before and after the SEO campaign, our client experienced an 88% increase in organic clicks and a 108% increase in organic impressions.

With our managed SEO services, our client has seen long-term growth in organic traffic and keyword rankings, surpassing their previous organic performance and achieving steady monthly growth.


In conclusion, the case study of Shamrock Plumbing highlights the tremendous impact that an effective SEO campaign can have on boosting website traffic.

Through comprehensive strategies and tactics, the company was able to significantly increase its organic visibility and establish itself as a top player in their industry.

This success serves as a testament to the power of SEO in driving targeted traffic and ultimately, fueling business growth.