PJ Mechanical HVAC SEO Case Study

Illustration depicting the success of HVAC SEO strategies in a comprehensive case study.

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By pure coincidence, I stumbled upon a remarkable case study that showcases the incredible results achieved through our collaboration with PJ Mechanical HVAC.

As a trusted provider of SEO services, we always strive to help businesses excel in the digital realm. In this particular case, our strategic approach to SEO has yielded remarkable outcomes for PJ Mechanical HVAC, boosting their online visibility and driving a significant increase in organic traffic to their website.

But that’s just the beginning – there’s so much more to uncover about the secrets behind their SEO triumph. Stay tuned as we delve into the details and reveal the transformative impact of our partnership with PJ Mechanical HVAC.


After redesigning our website, PJ Mechanical HVAC experienced a significant decline in keyword rankings and organic traffic, leading to a need for immediate action to prevent further loss and regain our previous search visibility.

Website redesigns can have a major impact on keyword rankings, which is why it’s crucial to implement strategies to prevent loss in search visibility during the process.

Additionally, ranking for non-branded keywords is important for expanding market share and reaching new audiences. However, technical SEO issues can hinder website rankings, such as poor navigation, missing canonical tags, and duplicate URLs.

Addressing these issues is essential to improve search engine rankings and prevent further decline.

At PJ Mechanical HVAC, we recognized the importance of addressing technical SEO debt and implementing solutions for improved search engine visibility.

Our Solution for PJ Mechanical HVAC

To address the technical SEO issues that were hindering PJ Mechanical HVAC’s organic success, our team at Bradenton SEO Company implemented a comprehensive solution focused on resolving high-priority issues and optimizing both on-page and off-page strategies.

We conducted a thorough site audit to identify and resolve high-priority technical issues at both the page and domain level.

Additionally, our editorial team created over 34 pieces of optimized content to improve keyword relevancy and increase organic visibility.

To supplement our on-page efforts, we utilized our high-quality link building services to secure 14 backlinks on topically-relevant websites, further increasing our client’s off-page authority.

Results we delivered

Building upon our comprehensive solution for PJ Mechanical HVAC, we’re proud to present the impactful results we delivered through our strategic SEO efforts.

Our focus on improving keyword rankings for product-related keywords resulted in a significant increase in total keyword rankings. Within 30 days of the campaign start date, our client saw a 150% increase in total keyword rankings.

This increase in organic visibility led to a boost in organic clicks, with our client experiencing a 198% increase in organic clicks compared to the five months prior to working with us.

Additionally, our efforts to enhance domain authority through manual outreach and original content resulted in an improved domain rating and increased organic traffic growth.

We’re pleased to have achieved these positive outcomes for PJ Mechanical HVAC.


In conclusion, our strategic SEO services delivered impressive results for PJ Mechanical HVAC. By optimizing their website and leveraging Google Business Profile, we significantly improved their online visibility and organic traffic.

Through keyword research, on-page optimization, and link building, we ensured that PJ Mechanical HVAC’s online presence was authoritative and relevant. The outcome was increased website traffic, higher engagement, and more leads and conversions.

This case study demonstrates the power of a comprehensive SEO strategy in driving business success in the digital landscape.